Why SHould You Start a Startup and become an entrepreneur

Why Should You Start A Startup And Become An Entrepreneur

Deciding to start your own Startup is a very critical decision. Well, there are no right and wrong reasons for starting a startup. Whether you want to fire your boss, make money, or help people,  every reason is valid.

But here, I would like to explain why you should start a startup and become an entrepreneur.

Some people may disagree with this, But I truly believe that entrepreneurs are the people who run the society; they are the people who take risks and make this world a better place to live. They provide jobs to people, pay taxes, and make the products or services that help people solve their problems.

I highly encourage people to start a startup and become an entrepreneur.

So here are some reasons you should start a startup –

Solve a Problem- You have identified a problem that is big enough, and you seriously want to solve that problem. If that’s the case, then you should start a startup. Every successful Startup is solving one problem or the other.

Create Jobs- When you start a startup, you need a team; you need people, and for this, you hire people for your Startup. So by starting a startup, you provide jobs to people and help them living.

Today, Startups and MSMEs provide more than 110 million employment making it the largest source of employment after the agriculture sector in India only (Source- Statista & investindia.gov.in).

Thus, with your Startup, you help people run their families and improve the country’s economy.

Give back to the community- I have seen many entrepreneurs donating to charity and good causes, helping poor children get a good education, and helping people build skills. In a job, a person can hardly think about doing this.

You can help People- A startup is a great way to help people. Many social entrepreneurs are working towards this. They are helping people in various ways. If I name a few of them then, Urvashi Sahni is the founder and CEO of SHEF (Study Hall Education Foundation), a non-profit dedicated to providing education to India’s most underprivileged girls. Urvashi Sahni’s initiative has impacted the lives of 150,000 girls (directly) and 270,000 girls (indirectly) through her work with over 900 schools.

Another great example is Mr. Anshu Gupta, who founded Goonj, a social organization that collects used clothing from the urban crowd, sorts them, fix and later distributes them among the poor and needy.

There is an endless list of such social entrepreneurs who are working towards the well-being of society.

Give you Freedom– Unlike a job, you have control over your schedule and can work from anywhere in a startup. Therefore, it gives you more freedom- Freedom to spend more time with your dear ones, freedom to do the work of your choice, Freedom to travel the world, freedom to work for your own hours, etc. and this is a great feeling. In a job, you hardly or never get this freedom.

However, you will be busy at the beginning of your Startup, but as it grows and you learn to delegate, you’ll have more free time.

Give You purpose in Life- Nothing is more satisfying when you start a startup and help people solve their problems with your services and products. It’s a great feeling, and a Startup becomes the purpose of your life.

Today, our life has become so easy and comfortable because of such startups.

Escape the Rat Race– If you are tired of working for others in nine to five jobs, you should start a startup. I have been in this rat race for many years until I find the real purpose of my life. I was in this rat race because I did not want to take the risk. I wanted to live a risk-free life and I thought a job is the best way. Most of us never think about starting a business and becoming our own boss because we think what would happen if our business gets failed? How we would run our family, pay our rent, EMIs, kid’s school fees, etc.? thus we get trapped in this trap.

I am not saying that doing a job is a bad thing, I have been there for a long and because of the job I could feed my family but there is no freedom in job.

I know there is a risk in startup but, just like, if you drive a car without learning how to drive, there is a great possibility that you would meet with an accident, similarly, if you don’t learn how to do a business right, chances are that you would fail.

But if you really want to escape from this rat race then Starting your own startup is the best way.

Pursue a Passion– If you want to pursue your passion and build a business around it, you should start a startup. There are hundreds of entrepreneurs who successfully converted their passion into a business.

And even if you don’t convert your passion into a business, still you can pursue your passion. When you have a business that is running without you then you have more freedom in terms of money and time. You can do what you like. You can live a life you always wanted to.

Make More Money- of course, you can make more money in s startup than a job. Unlike a job where an increment in pay scale is not in your hand, you can increase your income anytime in a startup.

These are a few solid reasons you should start a startup, but you can find your own “Why” and start a startup.

I know even if you find these reasons valid, somehow you might not be fully convinced if the startup is your cup of tea. It’s ok to have this feeling because I understand that it takes guts to become an entrepreneur. And, we will talk about this in the next chapter.

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