How to generate leads through website

How to Generate Leads Through Your Website

It is Important to generate Leads for Your Business. Leads is the lifeline in your business. Without Leads, your business will struggle to make sales.

Here, I have provided you a complete guide on how to generate leads through your website. A well Optimized Website can generate endless Leads for Your Business. Unfortunately, Most of Entrepreneurs and Business ignore this fact and keep on spending money on paid Ads.

But if you could optimize your website well, then You can attract a huge traffic on website and convert them into the paying customers.

If you follow all these Tips here, then your website will become a Lead Generation Machine for you which will be generating leads even when you are sleeping-

Ways of Optimizing your website for Lead Generation

Lead Magnet

The Lead Magnet is one of the best tools to generate leads through your website for your business. Lead Magnet is a free item or service that is given away to get the contact details like Name, Email id, or Phone of your ideal prospects or called potential customer.

You can use Lead Magnet like Free eBook to download, Free webinar to register, Mini-Course, Free Consultation Call, Trial subscriptions so that you can get your website visitor Name and email id.

This is a tried and tested method by me. 50% of the Leads I generate comes by offering my Free Webinar and Free eBook.

The best advantage of using a Lead magnet is that you can attract your targeted audience because someone interested to use that Lead magnet gives his/her name, email id, or phone number.

Quality of such leads are very high as someone who claimed the lead magnet is really interested in your services and products and that is why he claimed this Free lead Magnet.

I would highly recommend that you use a lead magnet. It’s a very high chance that you get this eBook free from me by providing your Name and email id. So now you know it works.

Personalize CTA Button

Always use the CTA (Call to Action) button. Personalized calls-to-action convert 42% more visitors than basic calls-to-action. Basic Call to Action like “Sign-Up”, “Call Back”, “Send a WhatsApp Message”, “Learn More”, “Subscribe Now” are fine

But, personalized CTA buttons like- “Yes, I want Unlimited leads”, ”Yes, I want to Grow my Business”, “I want to be an Entrepreneur”, “I am serious to my Life”, “Enroll Me Now”, “Yes, I want to Lose my weight” , etc. provides more results than the Basic CTA

Image Source- Mailshake.com

Use Hello Bar- Hello Bar is a Great CTA and increase more conversion

Another Great Example of CTA- Book a Call-

Click to Call Number

60% of smartphone users have contacted a business directly using the search results such as the “click to call” option. (Think with Google, 2019)

However, your website may provide all the information about your products & services but sometimes, your website visitors want to talk to some real person before making a purchase. They want to make sure that the information you have provided is correct. This is a psychological factor.

So, use a clickable call back number where a website visitor just needs to click on the number on the website to make a direct call with you.

Even, We have used “Click to Call” on our website beautyglad.com

Contact Form

Use easy and small contact forms like “Book a Free Consultation Call” or “Get a Free Quote” “Get a Free Trial” Form on every page of your website.

Opt-in Form

Add an opt-in form to collect the name and email of your website visitor. Opt-in is an inbound marketing approach and permission-based marketing. It helps to build your mailing list fast.

Here is a great example of Opt-in-Form from Instapage

An opt-in-form should address the specific need of your audience. It should focus on a specific pain point your customer is facing and promise them to solve that.


Use Facebook Pixel Code and Google analytics in your website so that you can retarget your website visitors and know the different stats of your website visitor. These analytics tools are must to have on your website to track your website visitors and to know them better.

It becomes very easy to retarget your website visitors through Google and Facebook Ads when you have Google analytics and Facebook pixel code installed in your website.

Live Chat

Live chat tool is another great way to capture the leads. A Live Chat tool does not only help to generate leads but also helps in instant conversion.

And, Chatbot is another great way of generating Leads. Chatbot basically, an AI (Artificial Intelligence) based software that is used to carry out the conversation with your website visitors like a human agent.

Exit-Intent Popup

Exit-intent popup works and they can increase your conversion rate.

The exit-intent popup allows you to make one more effort to convert your website visitors when they are about to leave your website without taking any action.

Set a Good and valuable Exit-intent popup offer so that it compels your website visitor to take some action.

There are several kinds of Exit-intent popup types so use the one that fits best for your business.

Image Source- backlinko.com

Another Great Example-

Image Source- Hidrate Spark

Blog Posts

B2B companies that blogged 11 or more times a month had three times more traffic than brands that barely blogged. – Hubspot

The Blog is a must to have a section on your website. The Blog is the most popular method of generating leads.

When you have a blog on your website and provide valuable information to your website visitors then they get overwhelmed and make you an expert.

And, once you project yourself as an expert through your valuable articles, your visitors trust you and show their interest in your services & products. They get ready to give their personal details to you.

Subscribe to Weekly/Monthly Newsletter

However, it’s a very old method and not much popular now but you can still use this.

Join the Community

This is a very effective way to capture Leads on Your website.

But For this, you need a real community where you provide valuable content to your community subscribers on regular basis.

It should not sound fake or should not be used to get the name & email id only.

We have used this on our website, and we have received 1000+ responses (Name & Email id) and we provide them regular content to grow their business & Startups.

And 20-30% of them have purchased our courses and are enrolled in our paid programs.

Customer Testimonial

Add Customers Testimonial and Photos for better credibility- testimonial is a very powerful marketing tool. It builds trust for your company.

We have used this on our own start-up beautyglad.com and this is very effective.

Please note that you should always use your real customer reviews and their photos.

For this, you can ask some of your happy customers to provide a testimonial for your business and I am sure they will not deny your request. We have tried this for ourselves.

Video Testimonials

This is a very strong way to build trust. Again, for this too, you need some real customer testimonials.

You can ask some of your real and happy customers to provide a short video about their experience with your services and products.

You can offer them a discount or some free products/services to reward them for these short videos.

We have done this for our start-up. We approached some of our regular and happy customers and requested them to provide some video testimonials.

We offered them free services for this, and they got ready for that. Infact, no good customer will deny you request if they are comfortable facing the camera. We went to their home and shoot a small video explaining their experience regarding our services.

We promoted these videos in our Ads and posted them everywhere possible. And trust me, this turns into an amazing tool for us. Within 1 month, our order increase by 30% which is a huge number. So these video testimonilas are so powerful.

Use Explainer Videos

Yes, Video is an awesome way to market your products and services. Video helps in conversion. Get a professional video done explaining your products & Services and how your product and services can help your customers.

An explainer video educates your website visitor, it worls like a virtual demo of your services and products and helps to boost your conversion number.

Like on BeautyGlad, we have got some amazing videos which clearly show how our beauticians work and provide services when they reach customer place. We have placed these videos on our website and app.

See, when you provide services and especially when you are new, your customer may hesitate before buying your services because he/she is not sure how good you are, how do your work, and how you can help them.

And here, Explainer videos come into the picture, they play a vital role in trust-building.

So, There are the some of the ways to convert your website into a Lead generation machine. I would recommend that you try most of them (If not all applicable to your business) and your will find that your website is generating more leads then any other tool.

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