How to Convert your website into Lead Generation Machine

How to Convert your website into Lead Generation Machine

It is Important to generate Leads for Your Business. Leads are the lifeline in your business. Without Leads, your business will struggle to make sales.

And, a well Optimized Website can generate endless Leads for Your Business. Unfortunately, Most of Entrepreneurs and Businesses ignore this fact and keep on spending money on paid Ads.

But if you could optimize your website well, then You can attract huge traffic on the website and convert them into paying customers.

Here are a Few Points You should focus on to Convert Your Website into a Lead Generation Machine-

If You follow all these Tips here, then your website will become a Lead generation Machine for you which will be generating leads even when you are sleeping-

1. SEO- Search Engine Optimization-

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a process of optimizing your website for Search Engines Like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

It’s a way of optimizing the website so that it starts ranking in Search Engines for different Keywords This must be your first action if you really want to generate Leads through Your website.  So, Optimize Your Website for Search engines.

Here are the ways to Optimize Your Website for Search Engines-

  • URL Structure- URL (Uniform Resource Locator) also called as Web Address is very important factor in SEO. Keep the URL Simple and Easy to Read.  Googlebot look for the readability of the URL.
  • Mobile Responsiveness- Mobile Responsiveness or Mobile Friendly version of your website is One of the most critical factors in website ranking.
  • SSL certificate- Secured Sockets layer- when Installed on a web Server, It activates the padlock and the https protocol which allows secure connections from a webs server to a browser. Google Ranks those website who are secured
  • Website Navigation- Website navigation also called internal link architecture are the links that connect the pages of Your website. The Main Objective of website Navigation is to help Website Visitors easily find content & Stuff on your website.
  • Title Tags/Meta Tags– A title tag is an HTML element that specifies the title of a web page.  It’s simply the headline on the SERP (search engine results page)
  • Meta Description- “The Meta Description is an HTML attribute that provides a brief summary of a web page”
  • Readability- Focus on readability. Create content for your website which is easy to understand.

2. Personalize CTA Button-

Always use Call to action button. Personalized calls-to-action convert 42% more visitors than basic calls-to-action. Call to Action like “Sign-Up”, “Call Back”, “Send a WhatsApp Message”, “Learn More”,

3. Click to Call Number-

60% of smartphone users have contacted a business directly using the search results such as the “click to call” option. (Think with Google, 2019)

So use a clickable call back number where a website using just need to click on the number on the website to make a direct call with you.

4. Contact Form

Use easy Contact Form like “Book a Free Consultation Call” or “Get a Free Quote” “Get a Free Trial” Form

5. Opt-in Form

Add an opt-in form to collect the Name and Email of your website visitor

6. Lead Magnet

Use some lead magnet like Free E-book to download, Free webinar to register so that you can get your website visitor Name and email id

7. Analytics

Use Facebook Pixel Code and Google analytics in your website so that you can retarget your website visitors and know the different states of your website visitor. These analytics tools are must to have on your website to track your website visitors and to know them better.

8. Live Chat

Live chat tool is another great way to capture the leads.

9. Exit-Intent Popup

Use an exit popup offer

10. Blog Posts

B2B companies that blogged 11 or more times a month had three times more traffic than brands that barely blogged. – Hubspot

A blog is a must to have a section on your website. A blog is the most popular method of generating leads. When you have a blog on your website and provide valuable information to your website visitors then they get overwhelmed and make you an expert. And, once you project yourself as an expert through your valuable articles, your visitors trust you and show their interest in your services & products. They get ready to give their personal details to you.

11. Subscribe to Weekly/Monthly Newsletter

However, it’s a very old method and not much popular now but you can

12. Customer Testimonial

Add Customers Testimonial and Photos for better credibility- testimonial is a very powerful marketing tool.

13. Use Explainer Videos

Yes, Video is an awesome way to market your products and services. Video helps in conversion. Get a professional video explaining your products & Services and how your product and services can help your customers. An explainer video educates your website visitor and really helps to boost your conversion number.

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