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How to choose Best Job Interview Attire

How to choose Best Job Interview Attire

We all know that first impression matters a lot. Finding the right clothes to wear for an interview can be as stressful as the interview itself. Wearing clothes that are appropriate, look good on you and fit the style of the company you are interviewing for can make all the difference when it comes to making first impressions.

Research shows that 55% of the first impressions are determined by the way you dress and walk through the door in a job interview, while 65% of hiring managers say clothes can be the deciding factor between two similar factors. Researching and understanding the company’s culture allows you to dress accordingly. You can find relevant information on company’s website about dress codes. Employers usually leave dress details out of any correspondence so that they can make their own judgements on how the prospective employee has chosen to dress.

This article is a complete guide of what to wear to a job interview to make sure you look your best, feel comfortable and feel confident during the interview.

How to Dress up for an interview ?

  • Understand the Job Role

Candidates appearing for an interview can benefit from reviewing the job role. Learning about the job requirements and expectations of employers can help you find suitable attire to wear. It is usually advised to dress professionally for interviews. You can also ask professional in the same role about what dress code they follow and then dress accordingly.

  • Invest in a Professional Attire

Reiterating about the first point, consider buying an outfit specifically for job interview. You can invest buying in classic formal pieces that can be worn for any kind of interview. You can invest in buying a tie, formal shoes, flats or heels, a blazer and a pair of formal shirt and pants. Invest in pieces that can be styled in different ways. Make sure you avoid overdressing for the interview.

  • Choose a Comfortable Outfit

Consider wearing comfortable outfits for the interview as it may last long and you do not want to spend it worrying about your clothes. Relatively relaxed attire can help you focus on the interview. You can practice sitting and walking in the outfit before going to the interview. This will also allow you to check the fittings and make changes if any.

  • Ensure the Outfit is well-fitted

While selecting an outfit, make sure it fits you well. You can check the necessary measurements and tailor it as per your size. Wearing a very loose or tight dress may make you uncomfortable and look unpleasant to the eyes.

  • Select the Right Colour

The colour of an interview outfit may show your personality during an interview. Many candidates prefer wearing solids over patterns to look professional and avoid any distractions. Different colours have different meanings associated to them. Usually candidates opt for colours like blue, white, beige or other soothing colours. The colour you choose to wear for an interview associates with your personality and allows the interviewers to judge you on the basis of that.

  • Add Appropriate Accessories

Candidates can also make a good impression by adding a few accessories such as watches and belts. Make sure you limit the number of accessories as over-accessorizing may cause distractions during the interview. Female candidates can consider wearing short earrings and light pendants. Avoid wearing flashy or blingy accessories. Adding the right number of accessories to your interview can help interviewers focus on your answers more than your looks.

  • Wear formal shoes

For your job interview, males should opt for formal shoes whereas females should opt for pumps or low heels. Try to wear solid colour footwear and contrast it with your interview outfit. Candidates appearing for casual interviews can also wear closed-toe flats. Avoid wearing dirty or scratched shoes. You should also skip wearing sneakers during the interview.

  • Avoid Casual Outfits

To leave a positive first impression, consider avoiding too casual outfits. You can make sure to wear ironed clothes. Avoid wearing wrinkly shirts, excess body scents or athletic outfits.

Additional Tips to Dress up for an Interview

Here are some additional tips that can help you leave a positive impression during an interview:

  • Wear Light Scent: Avoid using excessive perfume as it may cause headaches or other reactions in some people. Wear light scents that do not have a very string scent.
  • Wear Light Makeup: Female candidates are advised to wear light makeup and avoid using flashy shades or lipsticks. Try to look natural and fresh during the interview.
  • Look presentable: Keeping your hairstyle and the overall appearance clean and simple can help you leave a good impression on the interviewer and show professionalism from your side.
  • Iron your Outfit: Try to wear ironed clothes to avoid any wrinkles or creases on your clothes.

Importance of Dressing Professionally in an Interview

Dressing professionally for an interview can provide you with the below mentioned benefits:

  • Creates a Good Impression

You interact with the employer for the first time during an interview. As your appearance is the first criteria on which they judge you, dressing professionally can create a positive impression. Wearing neat clothes and looking presentable can help in leaving a good impression. By dressing professionally, you can create a positive image during the interview.

  • Shows your Interest in the Job Position

When your appear professional in a job interview, it shows your interest in the new job role. It can show employers that you are serious about the work and are looking forward to working in the organisation. Dressing professionally can also show that you are serious about the work.

  • Boosts Confidence

Wearing the right outfit can improve your confidence and help you feel your best during the interview. You may feel confident and empowered while answering the questions. You can benefit from the way you present yourself while answering the questions. Wearing an outfit relevant to the job role can show employers that you understand the job requirements.

Example of Professional Outfit for an Interview

  • Professional Outfit for Males

Professional outfit for men may include a light-coloured shirt with long sleeves and a tie of solid colour. In winters, you can add a layer of sweater or a blazer over a formal shirt. You can also consider wearing black, brown or navy blue pressed cotton pants. Additionally, you may also include dark-coloured polished shoes with matching shoes and a wristwatch.

  • Professional Outfit for Females

Females can opt to wear a comfortable but formal top or shirt. In winters, you can add a cardigan or blazer as well. Make sure you wear simple patterns and neutral colours. You can also opt for slacks, knee-length skirts or cotton pants. For footwear, consider wearing low heels, flats or pumps. Avoid wearing bright colours, sneakers or excessive accessories. Wear light makeup and muted nail colours to compete your look.


The above mentioned guidelines will help you dress appropriately for a job interview. A good rule of thumb is to dress a little better than the current employees. This shows that you are interested in the role and take pride in the way you carry yourself. No matter what you choose to wear, be sure that you are comfortable in the outfit. Being uncomfortable in your clothes could cause you to look nervous and awkward.

Remember, first impressions are lasting impressions!


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