About Us

About Us

We are a passionate team

DigitalGlad- An Entrepreneur’s own academy where you learn all about starting & growing your online Business.


“To Empower 100000+ Entrepreneurs in India “

We believe Entrepreneurs are not born, they are created. Anybody can be a successful entrepreneur if He/She is ready to learn new Skills.

DigitalGlad was started with a vision to empower and help the aspire entrepreneurs and Business owners. 

India is a big market and can accommodate millions of Entrepreneurs & Business owners. As per a recent Survey, more than 80% of India workforce want to start their own Business someday. We have 170+ Million Wantrapreneurs in India who want to start their Business.

But, only few of them start their own Business. rest of the people do not start because of the lack of proper guidance and mentor-ship. Most of them also think like they will need a huge money to start. But Let us make it clear- To start an online business, You need skills more than the money.

Our education system is completely broke. Nobody teach us how to do Business. So, there is a need of Business coaches and institutions who can guide them.

So to fulfill this gap, We started DigitalGlad to help the wantrapreneurs to take a dive into the business world.

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