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DigitalGlad The Learning App - a Skill Development And Entrepreneurship Course Platform

About DigitalGlad-The learning App

DigitalGlad – The Learning App (aka DigitalGlad Academy) is a pioneer in the EdTech industry with a host of real-world skills that guarantee you career growth and development. Our platform offers four distinctive Services – Skill Development Courses, LIVE Workshops/Cohorts, ATS Friendly Resume Building and Mock Interview Preparation with the only goal of making you market-ready.

Why We started DigitalGlad Academy?

According to the reports of Statista, every year more than 90 lakh people graduate from different colleges but hardly 27% of them secure a job. The same applies to engineers and students studying in the technical field.

What do you think is a potential cause of lack of employment even if the students are educated enough?

Well, it’s only because of a lack of knowledge and practical skills.

Unfortunately, our Indian education system still does not include skill-building in its curriculum. That’s where we come in.

As a responsible EdTech platform, we understand the dire need for skills these days. You’ll be surprised to know that the HR managers now are instructed to go for skill-based hiring rather than degree-based hiring.

Considering the importance of skills these days, we have come up with a platform that serves you with a series of necessary skills to enhance your growth. After all, we don’t want people to experience career setbacks just because of a lack of skills.

The younger generation these days is brimming with ideas. As a supportive EdTech platform, we plan to help them turn their ideas into reality.

Our Solutions

We offer 4 exciting solutions for all the Student’s Problems

Skill Development Courses

To fill in the career gap, learn the essential skills to stand out from the crowd and secure a job in a Big Corporate or MNC.

Register in LIVE Workshops & Cohort

Register for The LIVE Workshops & Cohort and Upgrade Your Skills with Our Experienced Trainers

Create ATS Friendly Resume

Despite having skills and knowledge, almost 70% of Job applicants do not get interview calls because they don't have an ATS-friendly resume and that's why they get rejected in Resume screening. We help you to craft ATS Friendly Resume.

Book Mock Interview Session

As per research, more than 80% of candidates feel nervous before their interviews and it happens especially with Fresh graduates. They don't feel confident enough to face the interviews. So, we help them boost their confidence and asses them so that they can prepare better for their real interview.

You get all of these in an affordable range. So, don’t worry about burning a hole in your pockets.

Our Mission

As an all-inclusive EdTech platform, our goal is to initiate people in the skill development sector. To achieve this, we provide courses both in English and Hindi for a better understanding of the people.

This is what Our Growth Looks Like

We just keep growing

Numbers says all about us

Students Enrolled
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Life Impacted
VIkash Sharma DigitalGlad The Learning App Founder

“I believe that quality education shouldn’t come with an unrealistic price tag. Our mission is to help 10 million students build their careers with the right guidance and skills. I’ll be more than happy to see an employed Bharat!”

Vikash Sharma - Founder & CEO

Wondering Why to Choose DigitalGlad Academy?

Affordable Courses

We believe everyone has the right to Quality Education. Our All Courses are at a very Affordable price

Experienced Trainers

We walk the talk. We have the Trainers who are already building Successful startups and successful in their Fields


Showcase your Knowledge to the World. All courses have the certification included. Complete the Course and Get the One

Study Material & Assesment

Every Course has the PDF Notes for better understanding of The Topic and Assessment to Test Your Knowledge

Doubt Clearance Classes

Got Some Doubt? No Problem! Join Our LIVE Doubt Clearance Classes and Clear Your All Doubts

Dedicated Support

Need a Support? Don't Worry, we are just a click away. Get unmatched support for all your queries

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