Tools you Should Use for Lead Generation

6 Tools you Should Use for Lead Generation

Leads are the fuel to your business. Without Leads, it’s almost impossible to survive in the business.

According to the Report, 65% of businesses admit that generating leads is their top marketing challenge.

What is a Lead?

In business, we have heard about this a lot in our daily life. Right? So what is a Lead?

If I talk about in business terms then “A lead is a connecting link between you (your business) and your prospect who is out there in the real world”

But in Simple Words- “Any person who shows a specific interest in your business, Brand, Products or Services can be considered as a Lead”

A lead basically contains a Name, Email id, and/or Phone.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead Generation is the process of attracting and converting Strangers & Prospects who showed or might show interest in your product and services into your paying customers.

Why do We Need Leads for our Business?

We need lead generation because Leads are the lifeline of a business. Lead is the fuel to your business. Did you know – one of the biggest reasons for a Business shutdown is not to have enough Leads for your business.  Leads when convert into paying customers to increase your revenue and business growth.

Lead generation allows you to target your potential customers and collect valuable information about them like their needs, their preferences, and their desires

When you have all this basic information about your prospects then you can reach out to them with the exact solution to their problem.

But remember- It’s not about the number of leads but the quality of the leads. There is no use of generating such leads who are not interested in the need of your products and services. So always target the right audience after researching your potential customer’s persona.

Tools to Generate Unlimited Leads

Tools are the real weapon in generating Leads. They make your work easy; they can do wonders.

However, I have told you various methods of Lead generation but this is one of my favorite methods. I widely use these tools to generate leads for my business.

You can only feel and see the magic of these tools once you start using them for your business.

In my initial business days, the biggest mistake I did, was not using the tools for my business. I used to think that when we have a lot of other free ways why spend money on the tools.

But, can you imagine banging the nail in the wall without a hammer or a doctor operating a surgery without tools? Absolutely Not! Tools make your life easy and they work like a lifesaver in your business.

So, I realized my mistake after a lot of frustrations and tried lots of methods. I got to know why I am not getting the desired results.

So, I started using the tools and I felt the magic happening. So, I would highly recommend that you should use these tools. You can try their trial version or Trial period without purchasing them.

Once you find the right tool and some positive results, you can go for the Paid version or subscription.

Here I will talk about some powerful, easy to use and affordable Lead Generation Tools. I would strongly recommend trying all the tools and sticking to the ones generating the highest quality leads for you.

I personally have used these tools for my business and they have done wonders for me. So, these tools are practically tried and tested by me. If you want to learn practically how these tools work, you may like to join our Lead Generation Mastery Course where we teach you how to use these tools in detail by showing you practically.

Here is the list of Tools for B2B Lead Generation-

  • is a great tool for generating leads. It is available as a chrome extension. it’s an outreach automation platform that helps in lead generation, email sending, and email tracking.

Basically, it helps us to find the email ids of a company and helps us to send the emails.

As you know, getting the email ids of the decision-makers in a company is very difficult. Most of the companies keep their support emails ids on their website or social media platforms. But you know if you want to sell your services and products then you should contact the right person. You need to contact the decision-maker and in most cases, it is either CEO, COO, CTO, CFO of the company.

Nobody cares when you send your service proposal or send cold emails on company support or contact emails like or

You need to approach the right person and “findthatlead” helps you in that.

You can schedule an automated email campaign to nurture the Leads.

There are a lot of more features and functionalities offers like- “Check Website technology”

  • FindThatLead-

FindThatLead is another great Lead Generation Tool. This tool helps you to find out the email ids from a website. It is available as a chrome extension.

Once you have the email id of the right people, you can set up drip campaign

  • helps you to find out the email id of people from Linkedin. It is available as a chrome extension

You know Linkedin a great platform to find the B2B Leads.

Let’s suppose your offer ERP services to mid-sized and big companies then you should contact the Chief Executive officer, Chief Financial officer or Chief Technology Officers of the companies because they are the real decision-makers.

You can pitch them your services and how your services can help them to achieve their Goal easily.

And, With the help of, you can easily find out these email ids. In the past, I have tried this tool for one of my clients who used to offer ERP Services to companies.

We find out 1000 email ids of CEO and CFOs of the different companies and set up a drip marketing campaign by offering them better solutions and we got 20% conversion from that list which is huge.

The reasons are very simple, First, we were approaching the right people (decision makers), Second we did some good research on their companies and find out the most possible challenges they must be facing which can be solved with a better ERP solution.

We started making the connection with them and started sending few good and useful emails before we pitched our services.

We connected most of them in our Linkedin Network as it makes us easy to reach out to a person when he or she is in our network. As a result, we converted

Note- once you get the email id’s, do not offer your services in first email. There is a process for that. Like ERP services are very costly and have a long commitment with the company so it takes a long thinking process.

You should start making the connection first, Educate your prospects, talk about their challenges, and possible issues they have, Offer them better content. And, I am sure they will reply

  • Lusha-

Lusha ( is one of the best tools for B2B Lead generation. It is available as a chrome extension.

Like, it works in Linkedin and finds out the email id and phone number of people.

For example- if you are running a digital marketing agency and works particularly with a particular industry say hospitality or healthcare.

Then with the help of Lusha, you can easily find out the list of the key people’s name, company names, email id, mobile numbers etc. as per your filtration used in Lusha.

  • MailShake-

Mailshake is an email outreach tool, it’s a great email marketing platform. You can easily create a campaign and reach out to your leads easily with this tool.

This tool helps you to send emails to your leads and help you to convert the leads into your customers.

It can integrate with most of the email and CRM tools. Mailshake is a very effective tool for cold emailing. You get great support from Mailshake.

However, I prefer Other email marketing tools like ConvertKit, GetResponse Aweber, etc. over MailShake.

But, it’s a great tool to learn cold email marketing and how to reach your cold prospects.

  • LinkedIn-

LinkedIn is a great tool for generating B2B leads. If you want to generate high-quality leads then LinkedIn is the best source.

Did you know, more than 80% of B2B leads generated from different social media platforms come from LinkedIn?

Image Source- QuickSprout

So how to generate leads on LinkedIn?

Here are a few Tips can follow to generate leads through LinkedIn-

  1. Optimize Your Profile- This is the first step you need to do. Optimize your profile so that it looks professional and attractive.

Use a professional profile image and use a headshot and not your company Logo.

Put a professional description with keywords in your profile along with your current Title. Title may looks like “CEO at BeautyGlad-Home Salon”

  •  Connect with People- Find out the people by their company and Title and start building your network. Engage with other people content and build your network

You can use tools like

  • Post Great Content- Post some relevant but valuable and useful content. While posting use a good Image and insert your website link strategically. Share your knowledge with others.

LinkedIn is not a typical Social media Platform like Facebook or Instagram so make sure you post something which matches the audience. LinkedIn is a professional space and lets it be like that.

People don’t like when they see unprofessional posts or content and it can also harm your reputation and credibility. So keep this thing in mind while sharing anything on LinkedIn.

  • Cold messaging- It’s a good way to generate leads but I believe 80% of the people do it wrong way. You have seen multiple times that as soon as you accept some one request, they send you a standard sales pitch and try to sell you straight away. I have received hundreds of such messages so far which I never bother to reply or sometime even read.

Please understand this thing people have not accepted your connection request that they want to purchase your services/products but they accept to make connection to broaden their network and to maintain a professional relationship where they can be like-minded people.

So what is the right way to cold messaging?

First, create a good relationship with them. Thanks them for accepting your connection request, introduce yourself, let them know what you do and How amazing it is for you to be part of their network (Do not try to sell anything in your first few messages). While you exchange messages, give value to their time.

I hope by end of this guide, you know how to generate leads using these amazing Tools. if you want to add something to this list then you can contact me.

For Your Success,

Vikash Sharma

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