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  • Data Analytics Using Power BI Training By Ms. Aditi Gupta No Coding Knowledge Required No Pre-Requisite Required Beginner Friendly Course Prepare you For all Data and Business Analyst Position
    • 45 Lessons
  • Give Your Business an Exponential Growth with Digital Marketing. Learn The write way to send the email to get clients and generate more revenue for Your Business. Course Description: So...
    • 11 Lessons
  • Looking to boost your business’s online presence and attract more customers through Facebook advertising? Look no further than DigitalGlad Academy’s comprehensive Facebook Ads Course. With expert instruction and hands-on experience,...
    • 10 Lessons
  • About Free Affiliate Marketing Course in Hindi Learn How to become a Successful Entrepreneur and make money online. Join Our Affiliate Marketing Business Course and Start Your Entrepreneurship Journey Today!...
    • 11 Lessons
  • Start Drop Servicing Business and Make money online without much Investment.
    • 8 Lessons
  • Learn the Proven Methods to Generate Unlimited Quality Leads for Your Business Organically and with paid Ads. You will also learn How to Convert These Leads into Paying Customers.
    • 24 Lessons
  • About Search Engine Optimization Course/SEO Course Looking to drive traffic and generate leads for your business? Join the Search Engine Optimization Course or SEO Course offered by DigitalGlad Academy. SEO...
    • 26 Lessons
  • Learn How to Start a Startup from Scratch and Build it to a Multi Million Dollar Business
    • 14 Lessons
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Structuring a resume for a fresher with no work experience can be challenging. Freshers find it difficult to showcase their...
At some point in the interview, you are going to be presented with the question about your salary expectations. Generally,...
The moment you get selected for an interview, the stress starts getting on your nerves and you drift into the...
In today’s competitive job market, recruiters receive hundreds of resumes for the same job position. On an average, a hiring...
If your goal is to get hired in this competitive job market, then put a pause on submitting the same...
We all know that first impression matters a lot. Finding the right clothes to wear for an interview can be...
Whether you are a college student, or a working professional, I am sure you must have heard about LinkedIn. You...
When you submit an application, your resume is one of the first documents potential employers use to decide whether you...
Companies sometimes offer walk-in interviews where they hope to recruit many candidates for their business in one go. They are...
What to expect in this type of questions? These questions are asked to find out if the company can afford...
If you think you can sit in your first professional interview and ace it without giving any mock interviews, let...
Salary negotiation is one of the most important conversations you will have while taking your first job. Having a good...
Job searching can be a hectic and time-consuming process. In today’s competitive world, where job openings are fewer than the...
Searching for a new job can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned professional,...
If there’s one question you should always expect in a job interview, it has to be this one. HR’s almost...
Being a fresher, creating a Resume that stands apart from the rest can be a tedious task. When creating a...
Crafting a resume is a crucial step for freshers entering the professional world. However, it’s common for new job seekers...
Here are the Top Interview Questions and Answers HR asked- Question 1. Tell me something about yourself? Explanation: This is...
Question 1.  Consider the scenario – You win a million-dollar lottery. Would you still be working? Explanation : Generally, these...
What Are Behavioural Questions ? These questions are mostly of the format “Tell me about a time…” where you would...

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